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SOCAVE MANUFACTURING is Coming Soon... SOCAVE is a Premium Made in North America vertically integrated Cut and Sew Manufacturer providing services for awnings, roof top tents, apparel, tie downs, tow ropes, safety apparel, microfibers, non-woven products, custom work and many more items. We also supply a wide range of products for outdoors, camping, overlanding, vehicle lighting, moving supplies, dollies and accesories for your home, rv or vehicle. Our newest items line is Biodegradable cutlery/straws/bowls/cups/plates/napkin is made from natural grown fibers that decompose 98% with in 1 year and 100% within 2 years for reusable compost. Our manufacturing equipment has the capabilities to cut and sew over 20,000 yards of material per day. We have over 20 years experience in large scale international manufacturing and big box retail support. Give us a call and see how we can help your business grow. If you are additionally looking warehousing, fulfillment, 3PL services, international border sales (including cross border exporting, warehousing and sales in Mexico), photography, videography, e-commerce support, or sales and marketing please contact us to see what we have to off with those additional services we offer. We also understand what it takes to cater large compaines needing OEM experience and small businesses needing support for growing a new business and brand needing or if your company is needing extra space and order fulfillment tailored to specific requirements. We have a 3rd party team of packaging experts to help you with solutions that make your products stand out in minimum and large capacity runs. After spending years manufacturing overseas we created our company to inspire other entrepreneurs to make North American made good also. We are located in Yuma, Arizona just 20 miles from the Mexican Border. So, get ready for awesome adventures.

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